F&B Projects by Sean Dix

DIX is an international design and architecture office that operates in these main project areas - f&b design, retail concept, interior architecture, furniture and product design & creative direction.


F&B Projects by Edimass

Edimass is a Guangzhou based manufacturer of many European furniture brands and also the world's best manufacturer for modern classic replicas. Clienteles include top-rated, high class hotels and offices around the globe.


Office/SOHO Projects by Edimass


Outdoor Projects by SJY Outdoor Furniture

Established in 1983, SJY started out as a manufacturer and exporter of Wood and Rattan Furniture to international market. Today, SJY is providing a globalized service and with factories in Malaysia, China, Indonesia & Philippines.


Products - Dix Collection


Products - Sean Dix Unlimited Collection


Edimass Products

Food & Beverage - Edimass Collection
Food & Beverage - Edimass Collection

Soda F&B Interiors are now proud to have Edimass as one of our commercial partners. Edimass is the World's Leading Manufacturer of Modern Classics Furniture.

Edimass' clientele spreads across Europe and other continents. Edimass is known for its use of premium materials and excellent workmanship.

Food & Beverage - Dix Collection & Original Designs
Food & Beverage - Dix Collection & Original Designs

DIX specializes in projects for fashion companies, luxury brands, bars and restaurants, trade fairs, and entertainment complexes. DIX creates complete, bespoke, detail-oriented concepts and provides turn-key consultation and supervision for the realization of all elements of the project utilizing its extensive network of Chinese and Italian producers, both artisanal and industry leaders.